European Powerlifting Championship – Me against myself!

The European Powerlifting Championship took place in Dublin, from 21 to 23 September. It was a fantastic event, with over one hundred athletes from all over Europe competing in squat, bench press and deadlift. The age categories ranged from 14 to 74 years of age.

I competed in four categories, squat and deadlift both raw and equipped and I came first in all in my categories. I achieved two new world records in the equipped categories of squat (100kg) and deadlift (125 kg). It wasn’t easy to compete in four categories, two each day, as I had to conserve energy over a long day, and do my maximum best twice a day for the same lift. I had to stay calm but focused, relaxed, but watch what’s going on around me, be mindful of my fluid and nutrition intake. I did not beat my personal best and was a tiny bit disappointed. No matter what I achieve, the real competition goes on in my own head – it’s me against myself, hoping to do better every time I go out on that platform. The present me trying to do better than the past me.
Needless to say that I enjoyed breaking records. But as at every competition the highlight was meeting my fellow powerlifters, sharing stories of struggles and successes, what it took to get here and compete on European level. It was a great weekend overall.At the competition, I learned what I could do to get stronger. But for now I’m looking forward to a week of rest, indulging and eating all the chocolate I want 🙂

Preparing for the European Powerlifting Championship – Hoping for “Good Lifts” and “3 white lights”

Preparing for the European Powerlifting Championship – Hoping for “Good Lift and 3 white lights”

A big thank you to all wishing me well for the European Single Lifts powerlifting competition in Dublin next week. I hope I won’t disappoint you.

Over the last three months, I’ve been training hard, and now I’m in maintenance   mode. My nutrition is “angelic” the last time I had an alcoholic drink was at a wedding in August, a glass of prosecco. There I also had the last time sugary food – a beautiful dessert selection. From then on I ate lots of protein from different dairy,  plant and animal sources, good fats, lots of vegetables, nuts, fruit, some good carbs, but  no sugary food and no alcohol.

Ethically I would prefer to be completely vegetarian but once a week I have fish and a steak, to get the full spectrum of proteins from natural sources. I am lucky that I like cottage cheese, yogurt, kefir and buttermilk, all good natural sources of protein.

I have to stay at around 67 kg to compete in my usual under 70 kg category. The competition takes place over 3 days, Friday squat, Saturday bench and Sunday deadlift. I have to allow for putting on about 1 kilogram each day, as I will eat a lot to keep my energy up and stress levels down.

The biggest challenge is to sleep well coming up to the competition, and that is harder for me than sticking to good food. However, I’m working on it, with some relaxation exercises,  stretching and no scary movies before going to bed!

Powerlifting competitions are as unpredictably as any other sports competition.  Anything can happen! All the training and preparation has to come together and then each lift is over in less than 10 seconds.  Failure is public, but so is success!

The best image for a powerlifter is seeing the three white lights on the screen, showing that all 3 judges see your lift as successful.

The best sound for a powerlifter is the sound of the head judge announcing “Good lift!”

I’m looking forward to compete with the best powerlifters in Europe, I know what they all have gone through to be where they are now.

So, this is it – I can do no more – you hear from me again after the competition – hopefully in a good mood!



Malahide Castle and Gardens, worth visiting, even for locals+++Malahide Castle and Gardens, einen Besuch wert, auch für Einheimische

On my last day of my annual holidays last week I decided that I must visit the Gardens and the  Fairy Trail of Malahide Castle.  I had been on many walks around the Malahide Castle Grounds, but I never actually visited  the inside of the Castle Gardens. It was a lovely sunny day and I was not disappointed for what I received for my 5.50 Euro entrance fee.

I  visited the Victoria House, the Peach House (no, there are no peaches!) the Butterfly House (yes, there are butterflies) all beautifully maintained greenhouses. The scent of the flowers and plants was amazing.  Afterwards I went on the Fairy Trail, a lovely path, enchanting for both children and adults. An afternoon well spent!  I will visit the Gardens again later this autumn, I’m sure it will look all different then!

Malahide Castle and Gardens, einen Besuch wert, auch für Einheimische

An meinem letzten Urlaubstag letzte Woche beschloss ich,  die Gärten und den Fairy Trail von Malahide Castle zu besuchen . Ich war schon auf vielen Spaziergängen rund um den Malahide Castle Grounds gewesen, aber ich war nie im Inneren der Castle Gardens. Es war ein schöner sonniger Tag und ich war nicht enttäuscht von dem, was ich für 5,50 Euro Eintritt bekam.

Ich besuchte das Victoria House, das Peach House (nein, es gibt keine Pfirsiche!) Das Butterfly House (ja, es gibt Schmetterlinge) alle wunderschön gepflegte Gewächshäuser. Der Duft der Blumen und Pflanzen war erstaunlich. Danach ging es auf den Fairy Trail, einen schönen Weg, der sowohl für Kinder als auch für Erwachsene bezaubernd ist. Ein schöner Nachmittag! Ich werde später im Herbst die Gärten wieder besuchen, ich bin mir sicher, dass es dann ganz anders aussehen wird!

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